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Diabetes UK Facebook group attracts more than 20,000 fans

More than 20,000 people have now signed up as fans of the Diabetes UK social networking page on Facebook.

The group was established in 2008 to provide support, advice and a safe online space for people with diabetes and their families to share experiences of the condition and get help and guidance.

The site has discussion topics as well as a popular wall, where many people are now regular contributors. More than two thirds of fans are active every month, helping to create a lively and helpful group for all those who use it. Users have also helped raise awareness and funds by helping to promote campaigns, petitions and recently, our fundraising efforts.

Diabetes UK plays an active role in monitoring the group, providing further information and helping to correct any misunderstandings that may arise. Signposting information on our website coupled with real life experiences from those living with the condition has proved very successful in helping people on a day-to-day basis.

“We’re really pleased with the impact our Facebook page is having,” said Graeme Manuel, Digital Media Manager at Diabetes UK. “It is important for us to be able to provide a safe space for people to share the management of their condition, and by using social network sites such as Facebook we are able to have a presence in a place people visit on an almost daily basis, making it easier for them to get help and advice and feel like they’re not alone.”

“It’s really encouraging to see that more than two thirds of fans use the page every month. The people who use it have contributed a massive amount to its success by engaging with us and others,” he continued. “There is a wide range of issues that are talked about, and as well as sharing stories about diabetes management there is also a wonderful sense of humour within the group that makes it much easier for people to become involved.”

Here’s what some existing fans have to say about our Facebook page:

“It’s a great group as it gives you an insight into how everyone is managing on a daily basis and is a fantastic source for any advice needed.” (Sara)

“It's good to know that even though Diabetes is a very personal condition, that there are other people out there going through the same day to day routine of this condition. Probably in a different way, but we all have a common interest. The fact we're all here to give advice, comments and tricks of the trade is awesome!” (Gary)

“It has really helped me adjust in the first few weeks of my little girl being diagnosed. Just knowing I'm not alone helps so much.” (Roggen)

“I’ve had brilliant advice from people and think this is a superb group for us diabetics - so many nice caring people of all ages. This group deserves an internet Oscar!” (Robert)

Along with the main Diabetes UK Facebook page, we also have groups for Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

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