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People with diabetes can take part in research trials

A new service has been launched on the Diabetes UK website to help people with diabetes get involved in research.

Before new treatments can be used in clinical practice they must be carefully tested for their effects on patients. Clinical trials use volunteers to assess whether treatments are safe, what the side effects are and whether they are more effective than existing treatments.

Playing a role in the search for a cure

By participating in a clinical study or trial, volunteers play an important part in helping to prevent diabetes, develop new and better treatments, or even one day find a cure. There is now a dedicated page on the Diabetes UK website listing opportunities for people to volunteer for specific research trials.

Diabetes UK makes sure that all of the studies align with Diabetes UK’s mission and have the correct ethical approvals in place.

Talk to the healthcare team first

"We are hoping this new resource on the Diabetes UK website will help people find out about research trials in which they might be interested in taking part," said Diabetes UK Head of Research, Dr Victoria King.

"Trials are very important in helping to find the best possible treatments and care. By being involved in a trial, you will be part of helping to find information and evidence that may be helpful to you and other people in the future."

She continued: "Participants should be aware that there may be adverse side effects or disadvantages when participating in research or trials. If people with diabetes would like to take part in a clinical trial, this should always be in consultation with their healthcare team, and they should speak to the healthcare professionals involved in the study to find out about what is involved."

Visit the Diabetes UK website section on research trial opportunities for more information.

People with diabetes can also go to the Diabetes Research Network (DRN) to register their interest in becoming involved in a clinical study or trial. The DRN will then get in touch when any relevant trials are recruiting for participants.

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