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Diabetes Leadership Community - Team Development

How can the Diabetes Leadership Community support your team's development

Imagine a team that has enough trust and skill to handle differences, deal with tension, collaborate without wasted energy on interpersonal dynamics, and consistently learn and grow. This is what our Team Development offers can help you create.

Teams are highly complex systems – if you have ever worked in one, you’ll know exactly what that means! Our team development offers meets your team right where it is. Sometimes this might look like facilitating conflict mediation. Sometimes it might look like developmental team coaching for building new behaviours together that better match the values and outcomes you are working towards. Sometimes it might be team coaching to create a new piece of work that matters deeply to you. For some teams, it’s providing a steadfast presence that can help enable all participants to more deeply understand each other and their work.

Ultimately, we will support your team to become a high-trust, productive, healthy group where people effectively collaborate to create the highest impact work possible, using all that happens along the way as opportunities to learn, grow, and strengthen team relationships.

The main impact of team development is that teams will develop together at the same time (rather than one or two people going on developmental opportunities and coming back to the team), develop high trust and high productivity cultures, and build the skills to sustain their matured way of working together.

These qualities enable collaboration and innovation at work, which means a more productive and healthy work system capable of delivering the best health care possible.

What we offer:

  • Improvement coaching for NHS teams creating change (behavioural, project-based, or cultural change)

  • After Action Reviews for NHS teams (a powerful process for learning from events, change programmes and major incidents or simply a way to embed continuous reflection and learning into your teams)

  • Conflict Mediation Facilitation for NHS teams in difficulty (facilitation that supports mediation and resolution between people stuck in tension or conflict)

A Coaching Circle Participant said:

"The group coaching circles have been invaluable to support leadership development. They have provided a confidential and safe arena to discuss the very real challenges of driving high level change within complex systems.

A neutral forum away from organisations that coachees belong to, encourages unusually open and frank discussions, which can then lead to exploration of more than just surface level factors. This leads to a greater understanding of self and environment."

"The support has been bidirectional, and just as much can be gained by understanding the barriers that other professionals face, as well as navigating a productive path for oneself. I’ve been very grateful for the opportunity of peer and facilitator coaching, whilst also developing my own skills as a coach.”


If this interests you, we encourage you to become a member and email to find out more.

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