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Inspire Awards 2020 - categories and nominations

Here you will find information about each of our ten awards, and the criteria. It is also important that each volunteer and their activities support our vision of a world where diabetes can do no harm.

Campaigning and Influencing Award 

This award is for the volunteer(s) or local/community group who make change happen locally or nationally as part of a Diabetes UK campaigns. They are never afraid to raise their voice or try new things. The judges look for:

  • Making change happen as a result of their campaigning or influencing and what they have achieved
  • Drive and determination in their campaigning and influencing
  • Creative or different approaches they have taken throughout their activities.

Fundraising Award

This award is for the volunteer(s) whose fundraising never stops for Diabetes UK. This means we can keep supporting people with diabetes. The judges look for:

  • How the fundraising activities have raised awareness of diabetes and/or Diabetes UK in their community Creative or different fundraising methods
  • Amount of money they have raised (the winner does not have to have raised the most money)
  • An ongoing commitment to raising funds to support the work of Diabetes UK.

Reaching out and Connecting Award

This award is for the volunteer(s) who have made great strides in reaching people and communities alongside Diabetes UK. They raise awareness of diabetes locally or nationally and give help and support. The judges look for:

  • Different ways of reaching out and connecting with local communities (this can include online communities)
  • Unique or innovative approaches to reach out and connect with people living with or at risk of diabetes
  • Ways they have made change happen in their local community as part of their activities.

Supporting Others Award

This award is for the Diabetes UK volunteer(s) who show remarkable support to people living with or affected by diabetes with their activities. This support includes; managing diabetes; emotional support; legal and practical support; supporting adults or children. The judges look for:

  • Putting people first and the impact their activities have had on people living with and/or affected by diabetes
  • Creative or different approaches they have taken and the difference this has made
  • An ongoing commitment to supporting others

Supporting Diabetes UK Award

This award is for the volunteer(s) who work tirelessly ‘behind the scenes’ alongside Diabetes UK. They volunteer in a wide variety of ways to keep Diabetes UK working. The judges look for:

  • What they have done to contribute to the local and national work of Diabetes UK
  • The difference their contribution has made
  • How they have approached their activities to fit Diabetes UK vision and lived our values.

Young Person's Outstanding Contribution Award

This award is for an inspiring under 18-year-old who has shown exceptional commitment to supporting people with diabetes and the work of Diabetes UK. The judges look for:

  • Activities they have undertaken to support the work of Diabetes UK
  • Examples of creative or different approaches they have used
  • The impact of their volunteering activities to support the lives of people living with and at risk of diabetes.

Local Group and Community Award

This award is for a local group who have worked tirelessly to support people living with diabetes in their local area and positively promotes the campaigns, initiatives and services of Diabetes UK. The group must be a recognised Diabetes UK group. The judges look for:

  • Changes that have occurred in their local community as a result of their activities
  • Creative or innovative approaches to their activities
  • Examples of working with diverse communities and being open to all people living with diabetes.

Unsung Hero Award (Northern Ireland only)

This Award is to offer the opportunity to recognise the achievements of an individual working in a clinical role who goes above and beyond their job description. Their actions bring clear benefits to those they care for although it is likely that they have never been formally recognised before. The judges look for:

  • How the individual has made a significant difference to their patients and families 
  • How the individual has exceeded what is expecting of them in their job. 

John Ireland Award (Scotland only)

This award is for the individual who has shown an outstanding contribution to improving the lives of people with diabetes across Scotland. The judges look for:

  • Ways their activities have made a significant impact on those living with diabetes across Scotland, for example using social media to reach out and raise awareness, attending information and awareness events.
  • Using a variety of ways of approaches to support people living with or at risk of diabetes
  • Showing their activities have taken place over a sustained period of time.

Long Service Award

This award recognises people who have volunteered for Diabetes UK for 20 or more years. All volunteers nominated for this award are eligible to receive a Long Service Award badge.

The volunteer must have completed more than 20 years volunteering service with the charity and this will be checked and verified by us before awards are given.

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