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Volunteer Spotlight

March 2019

Since she started volunteering in 2010, Sandra has gone on to set up a network of local support groups, speak about her own experience of living with Type 1, help to improve services locally and raise awareness of diabetes in the South West.

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Volunteer Spotlight - February 2019

Volunteer Spotlight - February 2019

After being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 37 years ago, Robert has since gone on to speak about his own experience and raise awareness of diabetes in Northern Ireland.
Volunteer Spotlight - January 2019

Volunteer Spotlight - January 2019

Chesterfield and North Derbyshire group celebrate 40 years together in supporting people living with diabetes in their area.
Volunteer Spotlight - December

Volunteer Spotlight - December 2018

Bruce is a member of our Young Leaders Project in Scotland, and is the inventor of the T1 buddy system.
Volunteer Spotlight - November

Volunteer Spotlight - November 2018

Rohit has worked with us for 5 years. He is a community champion, a member of the Type 2 research panel and volunteers at events throughout the UK. 
Volunteer stories archive

Volunteer stories archive

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