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What's in season: apples

Bowl of apples

An apple a day...

Apples are arguably one of the best portable healthy snacks you can get your hands on.

With so many delicious varieties available throughout September – including royal gala, cox, discovery, early windsor, egremont russet and worcester pearmain – you are spoilt for choice.

Make the most of homegrown apples this month - from warming apple crumbles to fruit spreads and healthy bakes, there is a lot more mileage in your everyday apple than you might think. 

Nutrition from apples

Rich in antioxidants – many of them contained in the skin, so leave the peel on where possible – apples have some brilliant health benefits. They help control cholesterol, thanks to the soluble fibre pectin – this forms a gel on the gut and binds with cholesterol, therefore preventing it from getting into the blood.

Chef's tips

There are two types of apples: eating apples and cooking apples. The former are sweeter with more interesting flavours, whilst cooking apples are larger and more acidic. The most popular British cooking apple is the bramley apple.

To test if an apple is ripe, gently cup it in your hand and twist slightly. If the apple is ready, the stalk should come away easily.

Choose apples that are firm with smooth, unblemished skin.

Nutritional info per apple: Kcal 51. Sugar 11.6g. Fibre 1.2g. 


Versatile apples

  • Mix... grated apple, carrot, cabbage and 1 tbsp of 0% fat Greek-style yogurt for a fruity coleslaw.
  • Roast... chopped apples with a variety of other vegetables for 20 minutes until tender, and serve alongside a meat such as pork.
  • Chop... apples, fresh chilli and spring onions before mixing with a little lemon juice for a zesty salsa.




Apple strudel

Filo pastry stuffed with cooked spiced apples and sultanas. Makes a light and fragrant dessert.

Hot souffle apples with creme fraiche

The nutmeg gives this fruity after-dinner treat its delicate flavour.

Skewered fruit with dipping sauces

Liven up fresh fruit with these colourful fruity kebabs, ideal for the kids to help prepare.
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