Could I have diabetes?

Libby says

Thank you for your enquiry. Whilst tiredness is a symptom of diabetes, the other symptoms you have mentioned are not commonly associated with diabetes. Tiredness is a symptom associated with many conditions so I couldn't really comment on what may be causing this for you. The most common signs of diabetes are:

  • Going to the loo all the time to do a wee
  • feeling really thirsty and drinking all the time
  • feeling really tired, and wanting to go to sleep all the time
  • getting really skinny and you don't know why
  • itchiness or soreness from where you do a wee
  • things looking all blurry
  • if you cut yourself, it takes ages to get better

If you are concerned about any of the symptoms you have been experiencing, it would be a good idea to arrange an appointment with your doctor to make sure everything is ok or have a chat about them with your parents and see what they think.

With best wishes



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