How do people with diabetes manage?

Libby says

It's good that you are interested in how people cope with diabetes, even though you don't have it yourself.

Perhaps you know someone who does, and then it is very good for you to be able to understand what it entails, so that you can be more helpful and knowledgeable towards them.

People with diabetes, on the whole cope very well with diabetes, many young people who have diabetes use insulin, and watch their diets, and exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy. It's not always easy for them, and they may have times when they do not feel very well, as blood glucose levels can go up and down, which can make them feel poorly.

Of course some people cope with it better than others do, but most get on with life like everyone else. I am linking you to info via our website which can go into more detail about what is diabetes, which I hope you will find interesting, and thank you for your enquiry.  

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