Being active



When we run, play and jump, our bodies turn some of our glucose into energy. Most activities use up this energy so it is important to get ready for it!

How to get ready for extra activity

  1. Check your blood glucose (sugar) before you start.
    1. Aim for a level of about 5mmol/I. That will help stop you going hypo while you're running around.
    2. If your blood glucose is higher than 14mmol/l, check for ketones. Don't run around if they are there.
    3. If your blood glucose is a bit low, you might need to have a snack
  2. Keep some fast-acting carbohydrate food nearby, in case you feel hypo. If you are doing something for a long time, like a bike ride, you might need another snack during your activity. 
  3. Make sure you have plenty of water to drink during your activity. 
  4. 3. Always remember to tell the person in charge, like the teacher, that you have diabetes.

What’s your favourite activity?

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