Sometimes our blood glucose goes too high. This is called hyperglycaemia (pronounced high-per-gly-see-me-a) or hyper for short. Don't worry if you get some hypers too, we all do sometimes.

What is a hyper?

 A hyper is when your blood glucose goes high - over 10mmol/l - and stays high. That might be because:

  • You didn't take your insulin or you didn't take enough insulin.
  • You ate too much sugary or starchy food.
  • You ate too much when you were treating a hypo.
  • You are poorly with something like a nasty cold or tonsillitis.

What are the signs of a hyper?

  • feeling tired
  • feeling thirsty
  • needing to wee a lot
  • headaches
  • tummy aches. 

Find out more about handling hypers

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