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Sport and physical activity

A warm up


Physical activity – in any shape of form – plays a major part of the way you take control of your diabetes.

Let's warm you up gradually by letting you know a few facts. Whether you're on the dance floor until 3am, walking two miles back home after missing the school bus, or playing as a striker for your local footie team, you are essentially doing the same thing. You sweat, burn calories and use up glucose in your body.

Physical activity is good for everyone, not just people with diabetes. It helps you to feel good, look better and keep trim. And it can actually be fun. You don't need special clothes or gear to kick a ball around. Cycling, rollerblading, swimming – in fact all types of activity – can help your diabetes control.

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Matthew's story




Since being diagnosed in March 2008, Matthew has enjoyed a remarkable run of sporting achievement.

Matthew's story

Meg's story




"I don't let my diabetes stop me doing anything."

Meg's story

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