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Campaigning as a local group

Local groups are central to the success of all Diabetes UK campaigns. You have the contacts and local knowledge to make sure that national campaigns make a difference in your area.

The resources on this page will explain each Diabetes UK campaign and offer suggestions on how your group can get involved. There are lots of simple ways to support each Diabetes UK campaign, but campaigning will be most effective if each group just does one or two each month. 

Read the guide to local group campaigning (PDF, 846KB) for more details on how local groups can campaign for a better deal for people living with diabetes, then take a look at the campaign actions below.

Campaigning toolkit

Taking control

These resources will get your group involved in theTaking Control campaign and help people living with diabetes to access a diabetes education course.

Putting Feet First

These resources will help your group get involved in thePutting Feet First campaign, which aims to reduce the number of diabetes-related amputations by campaigning for better diabetes foot care. 


Tell us about your experience of campaigning as a local group, so that we can measure the success of Diabetes UK campaigns. Your feedback will inform how we support Diabetes UK local groups with campaigning in the future.

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Type 1 diabetes: Make the Grade

These resources will get your group involved with theType 1 diabetes: Make the grade campaign and help make sure that young people living with type 1 diabetes have the same opportunities to learn and develop in school as anyone else.


These resources will help your group get involved in the4Ts campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the four main symptoms of Type 1 diabetes in young people.

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