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Advice for people with diabetes and their families

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Newly diagnosed with Type 2

Knowing where to get started with your new Type 2 diagnosis can be a challenge. There isn't a one-size fit all approach to managing Type 2 either. 

To help you get to grips with your diabetes, we have put together some tools on managing, learning more about and living with Type 2.


We’re here to support everyone affected by diabetes

About 90% of people in the UK with diabetes have Type 2. Here you can find out how we support them and you. 


What is Type 2 diabetes?

What happens when you have Type 2 diabetes? Watch our video to find out more.

I have Type 2 diabetes – what can I eat?

You won't need special or 'diabetic' food but we have lots of tips on eating and hundreds of simple recipes to try at home.

Some people can reverse Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes can be a lifelong condition, but it doesn't have to be for everyone. Some people with Type 2 can stop taking their medication by putting their diabetes into remission through lifestyle changes.

How do I treat my diabetes?

Find out the different ways you can treat your diabetes.

Sandeep has been supported by others since his Type 2 diagnosis in 2015

"For anyone who’s just been newly diagnosed, it’s really useful to be put in contact with people who have been down that road."

Learning Zone

Learning Zone is an interactive way to learn about your diabetes, combining our medical knowledge with the real experience of people with diabetes.

Need to talk

We're here if you need support, information, or just a chat. If you have diabetes or you're a parent, partner, other relative or friend of someone with diabetes, talking can help. 

Call our helpline on  0345 123 2399

Find a local support group

Join our online community

Use our online support forum


Get active to help manage your diabetes

Getting active and staying active can help manage your diabetes. And there are many other benefits from exercise to your overall health.
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