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Diabetes and mood advice

Information Prescriptions are a short (single side of A4), easy to read and clinically accurate resource. They help healthcare professionals and people with diabetes to make decisions together about diabetes treatment and self-management.

We have seen that Information Prescriptions (IPs) are having an impact on the way care is delivered; changing conversations and bringing patients into their appointments. We know that Information Prescriptions are:

  • – they automatically alert clinicians to patients who have diabetes and are outside the targets for blood pressure, HbA1c or cholesterol. This is prompting clinicians to intervene more proactively, identifying patients who have slipped through the net for many years.
  • – case studies show that many patients say the Information Prescription was the first time anyone explained their condition to them. Although clinicians might have explained it many times, this was the first explanation that hit home.  
  • – anecdotally we are hearing of patients significantly improving clinical outcomes. The Information Prescriptions include a unique link to more information on Diabetes UK’s website- we know that over 13,000 patients in 2015 were sufficiently motivated by one to access more information on managing their diabetes.

Diabetes and Mood Information Prescription

Diabetes is a complex and challenging condition. Effective management is largely dependent on how people care for themselves. This requires personal motivation and changes in behaviour and routine.

The constant nature of diabetes can impact on people’s emotional and psychological wellbeing, particularly when efforts to self-manage do not succeed as anticipated or when the complications of diabetes take their toll on physical health. 

This presents a compelling case for person-centred care, treating the needs of the individual as a whole. Meaning that the psychological and emotional wellbeing of people with diabetes becomes an integral part of diabetes care delivery.

Taking what we have learnt from the Information Prescription work we have applied it to create a Diabetes and Mood Information Prescription that gives people with diabetes the information they need to understand and improve their diabetes management and emotional wellbeing by setting goals and talking about how they feel.

Using the tool

We are currently working with primary care IT companies to embed the Information Prescription into their systems. The tool will then pop up for relevant patients, significantly increasing the speed and effectiveness of the intervention as key patient data is automatically populated and saved on the medical record to support continuity of care. Until they’re live in the primary care IT systems, you can download the tool as a PDF to print and use with patients. Alternatively, download the word version to save and use as a template.

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