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Dr Sarinda Millar


Dr Sarina Millar, Clinical Champion

2022 - 2023 Clinical Champions Community: Leading Diabetes Care Innovation

Consultant Paediatrician, Lead for Paediatric and Adolescent Type 1 Diabetes, Southern Health and Social Care Trust (SHSCT)



Hi, my name is Sarinda and I am very excited and enthused to be part of this program. 

I work as a Consultant Paediatrician in the Southern Health and Social Care Trust in Northern Ireland. 

I am the lead for children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes in our Trust and work alongside a fantastic and highly motivated team. We work collaboratively with our children, young people and families to try to ensure we deliver a responsive and adaptive service. 

We embrace technology and are the only trust in Northern Ireland which funds CGMS (Dexcom G6 and Guardian Link) in accordance with the NICE guidelines. We are currently doing research in adolescents and technology and a separate piece of research looking at the impact covid-19 has had on the diagnosis and management of type 1 diabetes in children and young people. 

I am the clinical director for Paediatrics in my district general hospital. I have high expectations that this course will enhance and help develop my leadership skills.

What gifts, strengths, or unique experiences do you intend to bring to your development work? 

I am an enthusiastic and highly motivated person. I enjoy thinking laterally. 

I really love working as part of an interprofessional team and the synergy that affords. I find it invaluable to listen to others and work together to embrace change.  

I do enjoy a challenge and would be quite determined to see things through. 

I feel it is of paramount importance to communicate clearly and effectively with everyone potentially involved in the development work. A clear vision, goal and team/service user involvement are key to help with the success. Time to consider various options, pros and cons, ensuring everyone feels involved is vital.  

Early involvement of our managers and budget holders is very important. 

What area of change are you currently passionate about in diabetes care? 

With the increasing numbers of cases of type 1 diabetes in children and young people over the last few years coupled with the covid restrictions in terms of education sessions we have seen a huge impact on our DSN workload. The increasing pressures associated with the role make it difficult to recruit staff into the role. I would love to work alongside our DSNs and their lead nurse to try to alleviate some of their workload by creating a new role - not a fully blown DSN as nurses I have spoken with feel this is too overwhelming a role. We need to see what areas of our DSNs workload can safely be managed by nurses wishing to be part of the team but not wishing to be DSNs. School education and newly diagnosed education are 2 potential areas. Some of our staff are reaching burnout stages and we really need to think laterally how we can help prevent this now and in the future. Succession planning is a huge area which is largely overlooked yet is so vital. 

We are hoping to tap more into digital platform for some education also. 

What most excites you about this journey? 

Developing my leadership skills. Learning from others. Having support and guidance from others. 

Being part of a community. 

Working collaboratively with interprofessionals to improve care for our patients and their families whilst alleviating stress and pressure for our team.


2017 - 2019 Clinical Champions

Consultant Paediatrician, Southern Health and Social Care Trust (SHSCT) 

Dr Sarinda Millar is the Consultant lead for the Paediatric and Adolescent Diabetes service within the Southern Trust in Northern Ireland, having been appointed to this position in June 2015.

She succeeded the late Dr Corkey who, alongside a dedicated and passionate interprofessional team, had developed an excellent diabetes service. She has a Masters in Interprofessional Health and Social Care Management and has a keen interest in service development.

Sarinda recognises the importance of transition, and wishes to implement the ‘Ready, Steady, Go’ transition program. This will empower children and adolescents to manage their diabetes throughout their life. Sarinda’s biggest passion lies with the adolescent and young adult population. She was excited to recently start a young adult’s service within the Trust. She intends this to be a dynamic and responsive service, adapting over time to reflect young people’s needs. 

Additionally, Sarinda understands that psychological, emotional and mental wellbeing are key to adolescents. She wishes Psychology input to be increased and diversified within the Trust, catering for the whole family, not just the child or young person. She is working with colleagues in mental health services (CAMHS) to establish pathways to improve two-way communication and support. She feels it is important to continually reflect and improve her service and to develop innovative consultation styles - realising that one size does not fit all.

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