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Improving inpatient care for people with diabetes

Over a million people with diabetes were admitted to hospital in England in 2017.

A hospital stay for a person with diabetes can be a frightening experience and it is easy to understand why. In 2017, an estimated 9,600 people required rescue treatment after falling into a coma following a severe hypoglycaemic attack and 2,200 people suffered from diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) due to under treatment with insulin.

We can and must do better for people with diabetes in hospital.

New report

New report: making hospitals safe for people with diabetes

Use our new report 'Making hospitals safe for people with diabetes' to identify areas for improvement in your own service.
Sharing Good Practice

Sharing Good Practice

Find out what other hospitals are doing to improve care for people with diabetes.
Resources for people with diabetes

Information for people with diabetes

A hospital stay can be a frightening experience but it doesn't need to be. Download our inpatient information sheet for more advice about the care you should receive in hospital.

Watch Phil and Lesley's videos to find out why we are working with hospitals to improve care for people with diabetes. 




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