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NHS Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group

Hounslow CCG are currently re-commissioning their Intermediate Service for Diabetes.

Patient input for Intemediate Diabetes Service

In December 2013 Diabetes UK and the CCG jointly-hosted a series of focus groups to gain service user input into the development of the specification of the service.

Download thepatient feedback report and proposals(PDF, 623KB).

Users join Diabetes Commissioning Group

Following these focus groups we worked closely with Hounslow CCG to recruit and induct interested service user representatives with the appropriate skillset to be members of their Diabetes Commissioning Group and input into the re-commissioning process of the Intermediate Diabetes Service.

Framework for user involvement in Diabetes Clinical Network

Hounslow CCG has in place a Diabetes Clinical Network with stakeholders representing primary, intermediate and secondary care diabetes services. Diabetes UK have worked with the CCG to develop a framework for the ongoing involvement of users within the Network which the CCG are now in the process of implementing.

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