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This year's Diabetes UK grant awardees

Every year through several rounds Diabetes UK funds exceptional research with the potential to change lives of people with diabetes. Here you can see the list of our 2016 grant awardees.

2016 PhD Studentships

Developing a novel therapy for diabetic macular oedema

 Understanding how remodeling of the ECM and altered cell-substrate interactions facilitate progression of tubulointerstitial fibrosis

 RNA methylation in diabetes endothelial damage contributing to limb ischaemia

 The development of contextual cognitive behavioural approach to painful diabetic neuropathy

 Developing and testing a theory-based intervention to increase physical activity for women diagnosed with gestational diabetes mellitus

 Natural regulation of the autoimmune response to ZnT8 in Type 1 diabetes: what is the mechanism?

2016 Autumn Round

Project Grants

The vascular actions of glucagon-like peptide-1 analogues and its mediators in people with Type 2 diabetes and diabetic retinopathy

Nutrient-induced mitochondrial dysfunction and its reciprocal control by inflammatory signalling: implications for skeletal muscle insulin action

Molecular mechanisms linking Sorcin to pancreatic beta cell lipotoxicity and ER Ca2+ stores

Characterisation of immune cell interactions in the insulitic infiltrate of patients with recent-onset Type 1 diabetes

VELOCITY: evaluating fetal growth in pregnancies complicated by pre-exisiting diabetes

Establishing the mechanism underlying the genetic association of a glucose transporter to metformin response to improve its use in the clinic

Early-Career Small Grants

Skeletal muscle to pancreatic beta cell crosstalk: can exercise improve the function of pancreatic beta cells during nutritional overload?

Women’s perspectives on a subsequent pregnancy after gestational diabetes

ECM remodelling and connexin mediated cell communication in the diabetic kidney

Establishing a zebrafish model to study genetic resistance to pancreatic steatosis

Lineage tracing of beta to alpha cell transformation in diabetes: significance and effect of therapeutic drugs

2016 Fellowships

Harry Keen Intermediate Clinical Fellowship

 Extreme early onset Type 1 diabetes

Sir George Alberti Training Fellowships

Diabetes and insulinomatosis - the role of a novel germline mutation

Assessing the glycaemic and CNS response to sulphonylurea therapy in patients with KCNJ11 mutations

RD Lawrence Fellowships

Small molecule paracrine and endocrine signalling during the browning of white fat

2016 Summer Round

Project Grants

Extracellular and endothelial regulation of muscle glucose uptake in insulin resistance in vivo

How does cholesterol regulate insulin action in adipocytes?

Gestational diabetes, the epigenome and the health of the next generation

The psychosocial impact of diabetes and diabetes care provision for people with severe mental illness: a patient, carer and healthcare staff survey

Determination of a role for connexin mediated cell communication in the progression of renal fibrosis in the diabetic kidney

Can novel bioceramics provide an effective bone forming scaffold and lead to bone regeneration in Charcot osteoarthropathy?

 Is fat in the liver a marker of post-pregnancy glycaemic deterioration in women with gestational diabetes (FLiP GD2)?

Early-Career Small Grants

Modulation of pancreatic beta cell cytokine-induced apoptosis by p38-dependent ligand-independent activation of epidermal growth factor receptor

Thiol modifications in diabetic peripheral artery disease

Determining the role of TEL3 in beta cell identity and fate conversion

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