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"I have decided to do Ride London as it will test my new fitness limits"

Neil Wheeler

Neil has Type 2 diabetes bought on by lifestyle changes and family links. He is taking on the Ride London 100 bike ride this August to get fitter.

Neil Wheeler
Aged 46
Has Type 2 diabetes 

"I have a significant link to diabetes, both my parents have it."

Neil's journey 

  • Diagnosed three years ago with Type 2 diabetes
  • Didn't take it seriously at first until his first medical review. 
  • Taking up sport has helped him lose two stone in weight. 
  • Taking on Prudential RideLondon 100 to test his fitness limits.

Family Link 

I have a significant link to diabetes, both my parents have it, I have seen first-hand the effects this condition has on them in their health and how they have had to adjust to life with diabetes.

About three years ago I was told that I had Type 2 diabetes and at first I didn’t take the condition seriously, until my first medical review. My condition was brought on due to a change in lifestyle and a more sedated work change, being put behind a desk.

"I found that over the last two years I have really struggled to manage and control my diabetes, this is because it had such a dramatic impact on my life, but this year I decided to attack this head on."

I decided to push myself 

I started by buying a bike to get back into shape, and having completed a swimathon earlier in the year the cycling continued as my preferred fitness regime. Immediately I noticed significant improvements to my blood sugar levels, dropping and remaining at a sensible level.

So when I saw the Prudential RideLondon I decided to push myself to not only get fitter and improve my control over diabetes, but also to raise money at the same time.

"The training has helped me lose over two stone in weight and improved all my stats in my last medical review."

Taking on RideLondon

I have decided to do RideLondon as it will test my new fitness limits. Also, with people donating for me it has definitely motivated me to push further and further, I have never competed in anything like this, so I’m really looking forward to it.

When it comes to training I have been fortunate to have a very forgiving wife, allowing me plenty of days dedicated to training. I started off with 5-10 mile ride gradually increasing to comfortably ride 40 miles at the moment, also mixing my training to flat roads and significant hills along the way. But being a large bloke, the main difficulties have been finding the right bike and clothes that fit!

In doing RideLondon, I want a sense of achievement, knowing that I can do this. This will springboard me onto challenging myself further on the next event, and continue to raise money for Diabetes UK at the same time.

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