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Sarah Steps One Million For Mum

Sarah celebrating with her mum and family

Sarah is taking on the One Million Step Challenge between July and September to raise awareness of diabetes in memory of her mum who passed away in 2018 from diabetes related complications. 


 "Taking on One Million Steps is a massive challenge for me but I'm determined to do it"

In loving memory of our mum - a loving granny and sister
22/05/54 - 16/07/2018


Sarah’s mum was diagnosed with diabetes in her early 40s. Sarah says "being stubborn she went into denial and didn't control it when it could have been tablet controlled. She ended up being insulin dependent."

Sarah’s mum suffered from many complications with being diabetic. First it started with uncontrollable hypoglycemic attacks followed by neuropathy. Sarah says her mum then ended up partially sighted and had renal failure which meant she had to have dialysis 3 times a week.

Sarah One Million Step Challenge


“Towards the end of her battle she had to have a partial foot amputation as her toes went gangrene. Watching my mum suffer was the hardest thing I have ever had to see in the end due to all the complications. I had to watch my mum take her last breath on 16/07/18”.

Taking on the One Million Step Challenge

“I have decided along with my brother who is also fighting his own battles with diabetes to take part in the One Million Step Challenge not only to fundraise but also to raise awareness in the hope to help even just one person to not have to go through the emotional roller coaster and heartache that as a family we have had to go through over the last few years. Taking on One Million Steps is a massive challenge for me but I'm determined to do it”.

“The care that mum and the family received from a medical perspective was absolutely amazing. But nothing in this world could have prepared us for what we had to see in the last few months of mum's life. So here is to raising as much awareness and money as we can”.

If you were inspired by Sarah’s story, you can keep track of her journey.

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