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Student films about Type 1 diabetes in school

Created by 11-17 year olds as part of the 2015 Diabetes in School Short Film Competition, these three-minute films show what life with Type 1 diabetes is really like for children and young people, and what care parents and teachers should expect at school.

You could use these videos by:

  • sending them to other families living with diabetes 
  • showing one in a school assembly 
  • sending them to people you know 
  • showing at any diabetes or education events to help inform teachers, school staff and volunteers.

Get in touch and let us know which videos you’re showing, we can provide downloads or DVD copies and let us know anything you’d like to see in future videos by emailing us at makethegrade@diabetes.org.uk.

Myths about Type 1 diabetes 

What do you really know?

Made by Phoebe from Swindon, 'What do you really know?' questions what teachers and classmates really know about diabetes. (2.44mins) Winner of Best Individual Film. 

Diabetes doesn't have me, I have diabetes

In 'Diabetes doesn't have me, I have diabetes' Blessing from North London, interviews her friends to find out what they know about Type 1 diabetes. (2.39mins) Winner of Fan Favourite Award.

What people actually know about Type 1 diabetes

Grace from Suffolk interviews her friends to find out 'What people actually know about Type 1 diabetes?'. (2.39mins)

Type 1 diabetes in school

Made by Beatrice, Hannah and Byron from Cambridgeshire, 'Type 1 diabetes in school' questions the misconceptions students and teachers have about Type 1 diabetes. (2.55mins)

Rasing awareness

Diabetes awareness

Made by Kate, Amirah, Madison, Millie, Yasmin and Alice from Liverpool, 'Diabetes awareness' tells Kate's story of being diagnosed only four months ago. (3mins)

Awkward situations at school

Made by Libby, Megan, Hugo, Harry, Sam and Demsey from St Leonards on Sea, 'Awkward situations at school' shows the annoying situations that young people with diabetes face at school. (3mins)

Living life to the full

Made by Sophie, Rebecca, Serene, Joella and Dan from Cardiff, 'Living life to the full' shows that diabetes shouldn't hold you back from anything! (2.59mins)


Kaitlyn – no limits

Made by Kaitlyn, Emma, Abigail, Tiji, Ellie and Danielle from Belfast, 'No limits' shows that Type 1 diabetes makes Kaitlyn no different to anyone else. (2.59) Winner of Best Group Film. 

Diabetes won't stop me!

'Diabetes won't stop me' features Luke and some of his 'diabetes buddies', made by Luke, Connor, Josh, Tom, Theo and Mitch from East Yorkshire. (2.54mins)

Live life how YOU want to

'Live life how YOU want to' tells Abbi's story of being diagnosed, made by Abbi from Liphook, Hampshire. (2.58mins)


Emma shows that she is 'Limitless' and can accomplish anything she wants! Made by Emma and Louisa from Staffordshire. (2.57mins)

Don't let diabetes be a barrier - follow your dreams!

'Don't let diabetes be a barrier - follow your dreams!', made by Charlotte, Imogen, Felicity, Jodie, Jessica and Emily, from London, shows what life is like for a dancer with Type 1 diabetes. (2.36mins)

The Things We Do

In 'The Things We Do', Daniel interviews the Head of Health and Safety at his school and shows all the fun activities he takes part in. Made by Daniel, Jestyn and Matt from Ceredigion, Wales. (2.52 mins)

What if!

Made by Jade from Herne Bay, Kent, 'What if' shows all the questions and worries young people have when diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. (1.32mins)

Living with diabetes / Day in the life

Dylicia’s Diary

Made by Jibran, Jordan, Keera and Lilly from Doncaster, Dylicia's Diary tells the story of Dyclicia's diagnosis and life at school with Type 1 diabetes. (2.43mins) Highly Commended Film 

A day in the life of Cara and Josh

'A day in the life of Cara and Josh' shows us all the things young people with Type 1 diabetes have to consider daily. Made by Cara, Josh, Sarah, Anna and Riley from Northern Ireland. (2:03mins)

Diabetes a day in the life

'Diabetes a day in the life' shows Alex's day-to-day routine at school. Made by Alex from Lynn, Norfolk. (2:09mins)

Type 1

'Type 1' is Lauren's story of living with Type 1 diabetes, made by Lauren from Biggin Hill, Kent. (2.55mins) 

Holly's Story

Made by Bonnie, 'Holly's Story' shows what having Type 1 diabetes is like for Holly. (2.59mins)

Living with Diabetes

Made by Abby, Eleanor, Ellie, Remi and Nathaniel from Unsworth, Bury, 'Living with diabetes' follows five students living with diabetes at school. (3min)

The fun diabetes guide

Made by Amira, Henrique, Jayson, Charlie and Senga from Blackheath, London, 'The fun diabetes guide' is exactly that! (2.33 mins)