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Be in the know about your 15 diabetes healthcare essentials

Know your 15

The 15 different health checks and services you're entitled to when you have diabetes. They're essential for managing your diabetes and key to reducing your risk of developing diabetes complications.

Find out more about the 15 

Diabetes can lead to serious complications, like sight loss and amputation.

Knowing what health checks you need and how to get them can reduce your risk of developing these complications.

The 15 healthcare essentials

Your HbA1c blood test, eye screening and foot checks are all part of the 15 diabetes healthcare essentials. You might already be getting these checks, but did you know that the healthcare essentials cover things like advice on diet and a free flu jab too? 

These essential checks and services are here to help you manage your diabetes and reduce your risk of developing life-changing complications that can happen because of diabetes, like sight loss or needing an amputation.

You need to know what the essentials are, so you can ask for them. And that's exactly what we're going to tell you – what the 15 healthcare essentials are and how to make sure you get them. 

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