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What's in season: Sweet potato


An alternative to regular potatoes

Mashed, boiled, roasted or baked, sweet potatoes are quite possibly one of the most versatile vegetables around. 


Once considered an exotic vegetable, sweet potatoes have grown in popularity in recent years, becoming an everyday staple - so much so that they were grown in Britain for the first time in 2015.



With their delicious sweet flavour and creamy texture, sweet potatoes are perfect mashed in soups, curries and risotto.

Even sweeter than you thought

Packed with fibre, vitamins A, C and B6, this vegetable is also rich in beta-carotene - a nutrient that helps to keep your immune system and skin healthy, and helps promote good vision. 

There are two types - one with bright orange flesh, the other with pale cream flesh.

Chef's tips

  • Try roasting other vegetables like swede, regular potatoes, butternut squash or large chunks of onion.
  • Just before serving, add a handful of freshly chopped herbs, such as coriander, parsley, chives or mint.
  • Choose small- to medium-sized potatoes with unblemised skins for the best taste.
  • Avoid storing them in a fridge as the colder temperature affects the flavour.
  • Can be used as a substitute for regular potato in most dishes.


Try this... Paprika roast roots

Serves 6. 48p per serving. 2.5 portions of fruit and veg per serving. Gluten-free. Dairy-free. Vegan.

  1. Place 500g cubed fresh beetroot, 300g carrot chunks and 500g cubed sweet potato in a bowl.
  2. Add juice of half a lemon and 3 tsp of smoked paprika and mix well, so all the vegetables are well coated.
  3. Next, oil a large baking tray with 2 tsp rapeseed oil, then lay all the vegetables out evenly.
  4. Bake at 180°C/Gas 5 for 30-25 minutes, mixing a couple of times to ensure that vegetables are cooked evenly.

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