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Sometimes diabetes just isn't much fun. But this is one place where you will always find fun stuff going on!

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Hi! I have diabetes and I use a pump. I find it better than injections. With injections my bloods are all over the place were as the pump my bloods are more settled. Does any one else think the same?

– Chantelle

I'm 9 and I have diabetes type 1 and I really love the games on this website. I've been reading the information and it has really helped as were new to diabetes and it answered a lot of questions. I enjoy the games because there not easy but there not too hard.

– Georgia

It is amazing how many people have diabetes! I am a huge fan of Harry Potter and would never have guessed his stunt double had diabetes! It really has shocked me and I wish I could do more to stop it happening to anyone else but it is incredible what others still do with their diabetes!

– Lauren

I have Type 1 diabetes and I only found out that I was diagnosed with it in November (not nice huh), but I have had it now for three months. I'm used to it – it's part of my everyday life, but oh well.

– Amber

My daughter Lacey is two and we only recently found out she had Type 1 diabetes. Although she cannot read, she enjoys looking at the website with mummy and understands the pictures and me reading stuff to her and now she says, "look she has injections too.

– Lacey

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