Amelia Lily



X-Factor 2011 contestant Amelia Lily has Type 1 diabetes and is a Diabetes UK supporter. Amelia supports the 4 Ts, our campaign for children and young people.

"I feel very strongly that every parent and carer needs to know about Diabetes UK’s 4 Ts campaign. My symptoms included drinking a lot more than normal and going to the toilet a lot. I was very lucky as my nana realised what was wrong with me because my uncle had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 14. Until now not many people have known I have diabetes, but I think it’s important to get people talking about diabetes, and for me to show other young people and children that you can still get out there and follow your dreams."

Your comments

"Thank you so much, Amelia Lily for sharing your story. My neice is just 9 years old and has Type 1 diabeties, (amongst other health conditions) your story mirrors her journey so far. She not only controls & monitors her conditions so well, she is now excelling in her studies and she loves to dance. She is amazing and I couldnt be prouder of Our Princess Eve-lily. I will be showing her this article to encourage her to follow her dreams and know that she will suceed in whatever she puts her mind to, as long as she puts her health first. You are one sucessful Princess Amelia. Thank you for sharing your story Amelia and good luck hun x." –Michelle 

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