Chris Pennell

Top England rugby sportsman, Chris Pennell, also has Type 1 diabetes – just like you! Having diabetes hasn’t stopped Chris from following his dream of playing Rugby and being captain of his team, Worcester Warriors. 

Chris says,

"A large part of having diabetes has been very good for my rugby. It has taught me a lot about understanding my body and how it works which is very useful for a professional sports person."

Chris has had Type 1 since he was 19 years old, and knows how it can be hard and confusing at times.

"Don’t bottle it up if you're struggling with anything, it’s so important to share issues – you just can’t solve everything yourself, you do need help sometimes. Rely on your family and your friends, and the support Diabetes UK can offer."

Are you interested in playing a professional sport? Chris’s top tips are:

  • Ease yourself in.
  • Test your blood glucose (suagr) levels lots.
  • Talk to others – your team and coach.
  • Have fun!
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