How to do a selfie

Sometimes silly and always a lot of fun, selfies capture the moment, whether you’re relaxing at home or having a fun day out! Follow our tips and take your best selfie yet...

Choose your spot!

Whether you’re indoors or outside, lots of light is a must! If your house is dark, stand next to a window, or go outside if it’s a nice day. Look at your background first and move around a bit to check how it looks.


It’s easy to cut out someone’s face when you’re doing a group selfie, so get close and snuggle up to make sure everyone fits in.




Strike a pose!

Pull a silly face, get dressed up, or give your cheesiest grin!

Say cheese!

Sometimes it’s hard to stay still when you’ve got the giggles, but try to so that your selfie isn’t blurred. And then... snap!

blue-splat blue-star pink-star splat splat splat splat