I'm starting secondary school. Should I talk about my diabetes?


I am starting a new school in September and there are only three people I know. All the rest of my class are going to a different school. Who should I tell in my tutor group about my diabetes or should I just keep it to myself?

Libby says

Moving up to secondary school is always going to be a bit daunting, even without diabetes! I can understand though why it is making you all the more anxious. In answer to who you tell, exactly who you want to tell and feel comfortable telling is up to you, there are no rules about it.

You can tell your whole group if you're comfortable doing that, or just leave it up to them to ask, if say they see you checking your blood sugars or injecting. Letting people know could avoid any awkwardness if people don't understand why you might be leaving a classroom to test/inject or having a snack to avoid hypos, but equally getting up and telling everyone, could be quite scary.

If you do decide to tell your class, you don't have to do it straight away either, or you might find another pupil with diabetes there and be able to see how they handle it. It would of course be good if you could be shown the medical room and introduced to first aiders on your first day and if this hasn't already been arranged then perhaps you could ask your form tutor to arrange this and explain why it matters so much to you.

In terms of the pump, no-one has to have it. If you are happy managing your diabetes with injections and not having any problems with your control, then you shouldn't be pressured into having a pump if that's not what you want. Has this come up at clinic recently? or been suggested to you?

You might find it helpful to talk to other kids with diabetes, your own age and see how they're feeling about moving up to secondary school or see how those who have done it already have managed. There is an online forum just for kids with diabetes which you might find helpful to have a look at.

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