School food

Remember, even though you have diabetes you can still eat any type of food, so it doesn’t matter whether you have school dinners or a packed lunch.


Everyone should make sure they eat healthy food, whether they’ve got diabetes or not, so make sure you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. And remember you can have treats like everyone else – you just might need to take a bit of extra insulin with them. 

School dinners

If you count carbohydrates, your mum or dad or your nurse can work out how many carbs are in your meals and then tell your school helpers how much insulin you’ll need to take. You might need to go to the front of the dinner queue or have your dinner at the same time each day – and if that’s what you need, your school should make sure it happens.

Packed lunches

If you have a packed lunch and you carb count, your Mum or Dad can label the foods in it with how much carb they have in them. That way your school helper will know how much insulin you’ll need to take. Just make sure you don’t swap your lunch with anyone else though!

Having diabetes might mean you and I need snacks at break or in class to stop your blood glucose going too low.



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