Who’s going to look after my diabetes at school?

My school makes sure that there are people to help me with my diabetes when I need it.

I can’t do my injection or blood test myself

Your school will make sure that there are some people who can do your injection and blood test for you while you’re at school (your school helpers). And if you’ve got a pump, they’ll help you look after that too.

Mum or Dad shouldn’t have to come in to school themselves to look after your diabetes. Mum or Dad and your nurse will explain exactly what help you need with your diabetes and show your school helpers how to do it. They’ll tell your school when you need to get your test and insulin done, and your school will make sure you get them when you need to.

What if I have a hypo at school?


Hypos can happen at any time, and that includes at school. Your Mum or Dad and your nurse will explain all about hypos and make sure all the staff at your school know how to spot one and what to do if you have one.

You shouldn’t be left alone if you’re hypo, and everyone should know that you’re allowed to eat or drink when you need to - whether that’s to treat a hypo or to stop one happening.

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