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Type 1 diabetes: Make the grade

Welcome to your Type 1 diabetes: Make the grade campaign.

Type 1 diabetes: Make the grade is campaigning to make sure all children with Type 1 diabetes get the support and care they deserve at school so that they have the same opportunities at school as other children.

We know good care is possible because we’re seeing it happen, and we want to make sure it happens right across the UK. We know many schools and families need a helping hand, that’s why with your help we are working together with children, parents and carers, schools, healthcare professionals and the Government to achieve great care for all children with Type 1.


Free tools for schools and parents

Our free tools are packed full of useful information about what good diabetes care at school should look like and how to go about providing it. 

Diabetes in School resources


Diabetes in school packs for staff and parents


Our school packs have all you need to know what good care at school should look like. They include handy templates, information on procedures and good practice at school, what care to expect and much more. We’ve already sent out 30,000 copies so get yours now.


Get your free Type 1 diabetes at school pack


Good Diabetes Care in School Award

We want to recognise, celebrate and raise the profile of schools that give great diabetes care. Schools all over the country are making changes to their procedures thanks to the new guidance and the campaign so that children with Type 1 get the most out of their time at school. Help us recognise more schools that make the grade. 

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New tools for School trips and Exams

Parents have told us that school trips and exams can be very stressful to plan for, and sometimes it’s hard to find the information they need easily, such as good practice, rights and responsibilities.

When planning for school trips and exams, lots of information needs to be exchanged between parents, the child and schools.

We asked parents and schools to tell us what they need in a tool to make it straightforward to manage school trips and exams successfully. They gave us lots of information and advice which has helped us produce tools to suit their needs. But this is still a work in progress.

In May 2016 we released two digital interactive tools; one for residential school trips and one for exams. We are now calling on schools and families to put these into use and to tell us what they think.

If you have any questions or feedback email us at makethegrade@diabetes.org.uk.

View and download the tools


Student films about Type 1 diabetes in school 

Created by 11-17 year olds as part of the Diabetes in School Short Film competition, these inspiring three-minute films show what life with Type 1 diabetes is really like for children and young people and what good care should look like at school. These films are ideal for use as awareness-raising materials in schools, at family support networks and with newly diagnosed families.


Watch the films 


Advocacy support for parents 

Our Care in School Helpline is helping many parents improve their child’s experience at school. Our trained volunteers provide rights based information and advocacy support. Parents have told us it’s great to speak to a volunteer who understands their situation and it has empowered them to get the results their child needs at school.

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