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What is diabetes?

If you're new to diabetes, this is the place to start. Find out what diabetes is and how it affects your body.

We'll tell you what diabetes is, what you need to do to look after diabetes and who will help you. We'll also show you how to make sure diabetes doesn't stop you from doing any of the fun things you want to do! 

When we have diabetes, our bodies work a bit differently. Find out more about Type 1 diabetes.

You can also see what researchers are doing to help everyone look after their diabetes, and working towards one day, we hope, finding a cure.

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"I think it's really very cool!" - Susanna

'What is diabetes is a really helpful page because it teaches people what diabetes is and makes people with diabetes more stronger with doing anything like ice skating and bowling!' - Orla

'I have had diabetes since i was 14 months and i am now 12. I have learned that even though you may feel different from everyone else you are just the same and diabetes cant stop you from doing what you like.' - Katy

'I have had diabetes for 5 years and its horrible because you have to have inselin every day of your life ontil they mack a cure its harred having tipe 1.' – Brianna

"i was diagnosed when i was 8 diabetes dosent affect your life at all you are just a person that walks down the street it is just that u need a little bit of help sometimes." – Erin

"I got diagnosed when three and to have diabetes dosen't affect your life." – Harry

"I got diagnosed when I was two. Diabetes doesn't affect your life – you are still the same as everybody else who doesn't have diabetes. You might feel different but you're the same as everybody else." – Jade