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Apply for a Diabetes UK research grant

Diabetes UK offers several different types of funding - you can read more about each type in this section, and then use our general guidelines for more information on how to apply. 

You can also contact the Research Team for information and advice, at research@diabetes.org.uk.

How to apply for a grant

It is mandatory that all applications are submitted through the online grants application portal.

Read our research grants management system user guide and tips on writing a research grant application for information on how to submit an application through the online portal.

If you have any questions about the online portal please contact the Research Team at research@diabetes.org.uk.

Apply for a Diabetes UK research grant through our online portal

Please note: You must allow enough time to complete the approval process - all signatories must have approved your application before the specified funding round deadline.

Targeted research

From time to time, Diabetes UK makes calls for research in a specific area of diabetes. Details of these calls will be posted online, and advertised in Diabetes UK publications and scientific and medical press, as they arise.

In the past, Diabetes UK have had targeted research calls in the following areas:

  • Improving the day to day management of diabetes;
  • Novel interventions for complications of diabetes;
  • Overcoming barriers to good diabetes care and/or supported self-management
  • Very low calorie diets;
  • Immunotherapeutic approaches for the prevention or treatment of Type 1 diabetes.

Co-funding opportunities

Recognising the importance of a mixed economy in funding, Diabetes UK encourages and will consider co-funding an application with other research funders where the proposal presents a clear link to diabetes. Our goal is to increase diabetes research capacity, expertise and deliver clear patient benefits.

If you consider your research to be of interest to Diabetes UK and other funders and would like to apply for co-funding, please contact the Diabetes UK Research Team in advance of submitting your application.  Please consider the following:

  • Funders have different processes and timelines for funding and it is therefore important to approach Diabetes UK at the earliest point when you start thinking about your research so that we can consider the request, approach the other funder(s), and review our processes against the other funder(s) processes
  • At times, funder processes are out of sync so it might be difficult to consider jointly funding an application. Often, we are approached too late by researchers or other funders to consider co-funding an application 
  • If co-funding is agreed, Diabetes UK, the other funder(s) or sometimes all funders will want to take the lead to manage the application review process.  This will be dicsussed by all funders and a suitable approach will be agreed. 

Things to consider

Grant conditions

When applying for a grant please make sure that you read our grant conditions and intellectual property and revenue-sharing agreement. Please make sure that all applicants and the involved institutions are able to agree to accept and adhere to the grant conditions and intellectual property and revenue-sharing agreement before making your application.

Involving people with diabetes

Diabetes UK is committed to reflecting the views of people living with diabetes in our decision-making processes. As such, the Grants Advisory Panel (GAP), a panel of people with diabetes and their carers review all project and early-career small grant applications. GAP do not at present review fellowship or studentship applications. 

We believe that involving people affected by diabetes at all stages of research produces higher quality, more relevant research. The research application guidelines have been produced in collaboration with GAP.  We recommend that;

• Applicants obtain the perspective of people affected by the condition when developing their application, to help guarantee the best chance of success;

• Applicants ensure the application has been reviewed by people living with diabetes.

To find out how you can involve people with diabetes in the development of your grant application, please visit our Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) page.