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How Mandy’s living a healthier, more active lifestyle with Fitbit and Diabetes UK


Based in the Midlands, mother of one Mandy embarked on a 16 week programme with Fitbit. Mandy was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2016 and is working to implement long-term health and lifestyle habits that can help her better manage her condition.

Now in her late-40s, Mandy had a long term history of disordered eating, and had been in the overweight/obese BMI category for over 20 years, putting her at increased risk of type 2. Juggling a sedentary job with motherhood, and not having time to prioritise herself, Mandy’s weight continued to creep up.

It was eventually a case of chickenpox that took Mandy to her doctor’s office in 2016. After a series of tests, she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
In July 2021, Mandy teamed up with Diabetes UK and Fitbit to implement new practices to help her better manage her condition. Armed with a Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Premium, Mandy has been able to track her health and lifestyle habits.

By getting to know her body and understanding how to manage her sleep, stress, nutrition and activity together, she can work on better managing her health. 

Working with the London Diabetes Centre and Juggy Sidhu, The Indian Bodycoach, Mandy is getting personal training, health consultations and specialist coaching to help her with managing her condition and feeling healthier in the long-term.

Feeling fitter and healthier

After just 12 weeks, Mandy is feeling fitter and healthier. Mandy has lost 11kg by making small changes to her lifestyle, diet and activity levels. These changes will have a long-term impact. 
Mandy also took part in the One Million Step Challenge, which helped her increase her daily steps from an average of 1,900 per day to between 7,000-8,000 per day. 

She also did three 15-minute workouts per week with a view to increasing her total Active Zone Minutes (her time spent doing heart-pumping activities) each month. As a result, Mandy decreased her resting heart rate by 10 beats per minute over the course of the 12 weeks. 
Mandy also sought to improve her stress management and sleep. By adopting mindful activities and hobbies using her Fitbit, she’s improved her stress management score. She also increased her sleep time by one hour through the programme to date, which helped improve her sleep score, getting better quality sleep. 

What’s more, Mandy was finally able to fit into a dress she’s had for over 15 years. Mandy shared: 

“I have had a dress for 15 years, it was the last thing my mum went shopping with me for. I have never been able to wear it as it's always been too tight. Now I can get it on, I actually cried when I realised it could get over my hips and tummy…”

Our partnership with Fitbit

Fitbit is supporting Mandy to live a healthier and more active lifestyle via the 16-week programme which includes personal training and support throughout. The programme is part of a wider partnership between Fitbit and Diabetes UK. 

We’re really proud to be working together to encourage people to reduce their risk of type 2 and improve their health by doing more exercise. 

There are 4.9 million people currently living with diabetes in the UK, and millions more at risk of developing type 2, so diabetes management and prevention is as important as ever.

Find out more about our partnership with Fitbit, and follow Mandy’s journey @FitbitUK_Ireland

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