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“The same principles of eating a balanced meal apply to everyone."

Your food stories - SimonSimon Smith, 42, from Glasgow was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two years ago.

“Food is even more important to me now. It has a direct relationship with my condition, my mood and my ability to work or play. I now cook as much as possible from scratch. It lets me control the amount of carbs in the meal. This allows me to accurately match the quick-acting insulin I need to take at mealtimes. I try and not eat fatty food - this breaks down slowly and is sometimes out of sync with the quick-acting insulin. Mealtimes are slightly more complex but I know that I am eating healthily.

"Where possible the family eat the same food or at least variations of the same ingredients. The same principles of eating a balanced meal apply to everyone. It doesn't prevent us from having occasional treats!

"The benefits of eating healthy, fresh ingredients apply to everyone. I haven't really changed my diet since diagnosis. I eat less of some foods, such as high-GI foods like sweets, and eat more low-GI foods like nuts. I don't believe there is such a thing as a ‘diabetic’ diet. For everyone, what you eat has a direct impact on energy levels and alertness in your day to day life.

"For people with diabetes the health benefits are more profound. Your diet has an impact on your ability to keep your blood sugars within the right limits and helps to avoid long term complications.

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