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"I'm in total control of what I cook and eat"

Your food stories - MikeMike, 60, from Middlesex has Type 2 diabetes and does all of his own food shopping and cooking.

“It’s just me at home now. I’m a widower and the kids are grown up, so I’m in total control of what I cook and eat.

"Above all, I try to increase the amount of fibre eat and decrease fats.

Eating habits

"I have peculiar eating habits (sometimes I only eat once a day in the evenings, which is not good) but where possible I try to eat porridge for breakfast. I try not to eat bread, however, since that can lead to sandwiches with butter!

"I eat a lot of fruit – especially apples – but, sadly, no cheese with them anymore. I don’t drink milk in my coffee but I do love yogurt – I eat the non-fat variety. I also eat a lot of fish and chicken.

Cooking - in total control

“I love to cook. I’m in total control of what I eat and I never buy ready meals or fast foods. I don’t tend to fry food anymore but, when I do, I’ve found that olive oil is useful. I grill, barbecue and steam (in the microwave) most of my food. I love hot chillies and spices and use a lot of these for flavour instead of salt. I love to make Thai curry – I don’t use coconut milk but add beans and pulses for fibre.

“To be honest, since I’m not eating some of the food I love because of diabetes (and high cholesterol too, so no more lobster!), I’m not especially price conscious and I simply buy the best of what I want. However, I do use supermarket ‘own brands’, which I believe are just as good as more expensive brands.

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