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Learn about diabetes


Because knowledge brings us together

Every adventure has a purpose, like finding treasure or ancient ruins. Ours is to spread knowledge and understanding about diabetes as far as we can.

To all the teachers, parents and explorers we can find. Under every bridge and up every mountain.

But there's lots to learn, so lets take it one step at a time.

Let's start our journey to know about diabetes together. If you have a question you'd like to ask please contact our Helpline, they'd love to hear from you.


The ancient scrolls

The ancient scrolls in your school fundraising pack are knowledge, passed down from us to you, to be put up in your school.

Like a message in a bottle they deliver little snippets of wisdom to help you learn about diabetes.

Task your fellow explorers in finding them and reporting back on what they say. You can find more information on each poster using the links below.



The 4 Ts

The 4 Ts are the four main symptoms of diabetes. Lots of people that are diagnosed with diabetes can be poorly before they realise, including at school.

So the 4 Ts are really important for adventurers, teachers and parents to know so they can check if someone needs to visit their doctor:


  • Tired

  • Thirsty

  • Toilet

  • Thinner


See if you can remember what the 4 Ts are by covering them with your hand.


Healthy and active

We all need to be healthy and active, it's good for us. It can also help people manage their diabetes and lower someone's risk of developing Type 2 diabetes in the future. 

Try cooking our healthy recipes together to get a flavour of what food fit for adventurers tastes like.

They give you a balance of nutrition for energy that lasts much longer than fast food, and the vitamins you need to explore to your full potential.

And making the most of your lunchtime with fun and games is brilliant too. It can be as simple as walking as you're talking, holding sports tournaments or starting dance clubs. Everyone can benefit from a little exercise each day.


Diabetes and school

Having diabetes is complicated and can mean young adventurers with diabetes feel less confident in doing all the things they should at their age. Like going on school trips.

Or it can mean that teachers and parents need information and support to make sure they understand diabetes too.

We've got lots of resources for parents, schools and children to ensure an explorer can get the most out of their time in school. So help spread the word that we're here to help.


The real treasure

We make the best team, don't you think? And we're so proud of everything you're doing. We hope you're going to share all your new knowledge with your family and friends. 

But remember one must never stop learning, so come back and see us when you're ready to know more.

It's important to us that you know you're the real treasure here.

And like a mini graduation we want you to high five the person next to you and give each other a pat on the back. You deserve it.

So keep making us proud by never leaving a fellow explorer behind, by continuing to learn and be healthy and by having the best adventures together.


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