Kate's poem

Kate has sent us this wonderfully written poem.



Sweet sugar grassand lollypop trees,Honeycomb beetlesand soft toffee bees.Lakes made of icingwith gingerbread keys,and marshmallow swansslowly floating in the breeze.

Warm purple butterfliesof Turkish Delight,and liquorice kittensawake in the night.White chocolate fairieswith sugary wings,Listening to cream bluebirdsas they sing.

Poppies made from cherry lipsand marzipan daisies too.Buttercups of caramela slowly melting goo.Roses made of strawberry lacesand of candy cane,the glorious sight of morning dew,made of candy rain.

All of these things I cannot havefor I am diabetic.Although I do not mind at allfor sugar is pathetic!

Advice on having treats

Lots of children worry that now they’ve got diabetes, they’re never going to be able to eat sweets and chocolate again. But that’s not true – you can still have some of these things. Just be a bit careful about when you eat them though, as all sweet things will push your blood glucose levels up. For example, if you’re already a bit high, eating a piece of cake might make you go too high.

Read more abouthaving treats.

Your comments

 "hello kate your poem is so beatiful and touching it put tears in my eyes cos about 3 week ago i ve found out that my 3 year old son has the condition.keep strong..." -Breez

"I love your poem kate. it is beautiful."- Lauren

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