Is it true that I can't eat sweets and chocolate anymore now that I have diabetes?

No, you can still have sweets and chocolate. Talk to your nurse or dietitian about what you like. Together you can work out the best time to eat them and whether you need to have a bit more insulin when you eat them. Remember, all children - those with diabetes and those without diabetes - should not have too many sweets and chocolates. They aren't good for your teeth.


You can still have treats but be careful about when you eat them because all sweet things will push your blood glucose levels up. For example, if you're already a bit high, eating a piece of cake may make you go too high.


It's a good idea for you and your mum and dad to keep a record of how different foods affect your blood glucose levels - this will help you all learn more about your diabetes.

Diabetes doesn't stop me eating anything. Like everyone else, I can have sweet things and foods that aren't very good for me sometimes as a treat.

Don't eat 'diabetic' sweets or chocolates. They aren't any better for you than normal sweets or chocolate, they cost a lot of money and they can upset your tummy.


  • You can still eat sweets, chocolate, ice cream, and cakes when you have diabetes - but it's best to keep them for treats like everyone else should.
  • Don't eat 'diabetic' versions of food - have the normal versions instead.
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