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Type 1 diabetes for teens

All you need to know

Type 1 diabetes means that the pancreas has stopped making insulin. Insulin is made by the pancreas and is a type of hormone. You have to replace this with injected insulin. This is vital to keep you alive and you have to take it every day.You can get Type 1 diabetes at any age but it usually appears before the age of 40, and especially in childhood. About 10 per cent of all people with diabetes have Type 1. Almost all children who have diabetes (96 per cent) have Type 1. It is treated by daily insulin injections, a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

Find out all you need to know about how to look after Type 1 diabetes, including testing your glucose level, insulin, food, sport, relationships, coping at school or college, and transferring to adult clinics in me and my diabetes.


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