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User Involvement Update

Involving people with diabetes to improve care

The user involvement team are here to ensure that the voices of people with or at risk of diabetes are heard and used to inform and improve the NHS diabetes programme.

What's new?

Participant voices at DUKPC

3 DPP Participant speakers at DUKPC workshop

In March, it was the Diabetes UK Professional Conference where over 3000 healthcare professionals, researchers and people from industry came together to share knowledge on all things diabetes. This year, we were delighted that the experiences of people with a lived experience were centre-stage, giving healthcare professionals a different perspective on diabetes care. 

Harry, who completed the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (DPP) last year, kicked off the conference by delivering the plenary session to a packed auditorium about his experience of the DPP. We also ran an interactive workshop where three DPP participants answered questions about their experiences, allowing healthcare professionals to get an insight into what it's like to be on the programme and the difference it can make to participants' lives. Thank you to Harry, Archie and Anwer!

Consultation on User Involvement Guidelines for the Northern region 

We have compiled the contributions from service users, commissioners and healthcare professionals (that were collected at two  workshops and two focus groups) to produce the proposed guidelines for involving people in diabetes services in the Northern region.

We are now asking for your feedback through an online consultation, open from 24 April to 29 May. If you live or work in the Northern region, please share your opinions on the involvement guidelines with us by completing this online survey.

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BAME engagement across the NHS Diabetes Programme

We want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to be involved and that a diverse range of voices are heard and used to improve the programme.

We’re currently working on a collaborative project to explore engagement between diabetes services and the Turkish, Kurdish and Turkish Cypriot population in North Central London.

The project steering group contains representatives from NHS England, Diabetes UK, patient advocates, as well as two Turkish speaking representatives with backgrounds in health and community engagement.

We want to understand more about the barriers and motivators to engagement in this community and to identify how diabetes services and engagement activities can best meet their needs.

We hope that by understanding more about the approach needed to engage with and gain feedback from specific populations, we will gain shared learnings and methodology can be applied across a number of different populations.

Watch this space for a report on the findings of our scoping work. This will form part of a wider set of guidance about engaging BAME audiences. 

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Diabetes Lived Experience Panel

We’re setting up a panel of people with, or at risk of, diabetes to inform our work with the NHS Diabetes Programme.

We want to make sure the voices of those with lived experience is at the centre of the NHS Diabetes Programme by routinely gaining their perspective and involving them in our work.

Panel members may be asked to comment on a new idea or resource we are developing, share their experience for a case study, speak at an event or take part in a focus group. The panel is flexible so members can choose which activities they take part in.

We are currently looking for participants of the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, past or present, to join the panel and shape our work on participant evaluation and feedback in the programme.

If you or anyone you know are interested in joining the panel, please contact us to find out more.

If you could to use panel members to gain a service user perspective on any aspect of your work, get in touch to find out how.

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Share how you have involved people with diabetes

Have you involved service users in shaping, influencing or feeding back on diabetes services? Share an example of what you are doing and the impact it had, what you learnt in the process or questions you have to help others to improve their practice.

Use this template and email it back to us to share your case study. 

Download case study template (Word, 54 KB)

Action planning

If you have an idea for a user involvement initiative, we’re here to help and support you to get ideas off the ground. You can use this action planning template to plan your idea and email it back to us.

Download action planning template (Word, 20 KB)

Stay connected

If you would like to be added Diabetes UK’s mailing list to receive updates about user involvement in the Diabetes Programme, join our NHS DPP Participant Panel or if you have any stories, challenges or examples of user involvement to share with us, please get in touch:

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