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Leadership at Diabetes UK

We develop leaders so that they can transform their services, organisations and the world around them.

Change comes from all levels of the system

Responsibility for change doesn’t lie in the hands of a few, heroic individuals. The unprecedented scale and complexity of the diabetes crisis calls for leadership like never before – leadership that is distributed at local levels and unleashes the enormous potential of systems and individuals.

Everyone is a leader

Leadership is not restricted to those with a formal title. A leader is anyone with the courage to take responsibility to create change for people living with or affected by diabetes.

Leaders grow leaders. 

Leadership is about facilitating change and cultivating cultures of meaning, belonging, hope, compassion and diverse perspectives. Leaders help acknowledge fear and uncertainty and provide space and support for individuals and groups to find their way in the dark.

Whatever the problem, community is the answer.

Leaders recognise the workplace as interconnected systems. Building coalitions and collaborative relationships, and sustaining strong networks that are responsive and adaptive to change, are vital to success.

Leadership development is a lifelong journey.

Leaders aren’t born exceptional individuals. Leadership is a set of skills and behaviours we can all develop. At every stage of your journey, leadership development involves both learning new ideas and unlearning existing ones.

Leadership programmes

Our programmes are designed to help you develop your leadership skills, understand yourself as a leader, build resilience and recognise your potential to impact on others. 

We offer a range of free leadership programmes suited to wherever you are on your leadership journey.

Diabetes UK Leadership course

The Clinical Champions programme

Discovering Leadership for Pharmacists programme - online

Discovering Leadership programme - online

September 2020 - July 2022

July - December 2020

August - December 2020

A free two year leadership development programme for emerging leaders that will provide you with the personal and professional development required to drive change across your local health system. Open to all diabetes specialists who are keen to develop their leadership skills and are passionate about improving care across the whole pathway. 

A free 5-month leadership development programme for pharmacists with an interest in diabetes. 

Enabling you to gain insight into who you are as a leader and how you can champion the role of pharmacists in diabetes care. 

A free 5-month leadership development programme for those beginning their leadership journey. 

Helping you to gain insight into your leadership potential and discover how to develop as a leader. 


Applications open 


Applications open


Applications open


These are Diabetes UK projects in collaboration with Novo Nordisk who are providing support and funding

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