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Leadership Programmes at Diabetes UK

More people than ever need access to improved diabetes services. Yet at a time of unprecedented demand and complexity in our healthcare system, it can be hard to know where to start when trying to improve diabetes care.

Our leadership courses aim to support those working in healthcare to transform their local, regional and national systems, helping to prevent devastating and costly complications by equipping them with the skills to make tangible changes to diabetes care and become leaders in their fields.

Leadership courses

A two year leadership development course that will provide you with the personal and professional development required to drive change across your local health system. The course is open to all diabetes specialists who are keen to develop their leadership skills and are passionate about improving care across the whole diabetes pathway.

Our Discovering Leadership courses offer all professionals working in diabetes a transformational learning experience that gives them the confidence and direction to take action to improve care and services. The course is designed for those wishing to discover what leadership can do for them, their teams and people affected by diabetes.

This course is aimed at experienced practicing pharmacists with the ambitions and ability to improve diabetes care and deliver evidence based change. It will be an opportunity to identify potential gaps in diabetes care in the pharmacy space, find both barriers and solutions to improving care, and network with colleagues from across the country.

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