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Diabetes Clinical Studies Groups



As part of our 2015–19 Research Strategy, Diabetes UK will establish the UK’s first Clinical Studies Groups for diabetes. These groups aim to have a significant long-term impact on the quality of clinical diabetes research applications in the UK, as they have had for research into other health conditions.

Each Clinical Studies Group (CSG) will unite leading thinkers in key research areas with people living with diabetes and healthcare professionals. Groups will come together to create a road-map for new research by identifying priority areas and the key clinical studies needed to move care forward


Find out what our Clinical Studies Groups have been up to in their joint 2018-2019 Annual Progress Report (PDF, 282KB).

Clinical Studies Groups Framework

The aims of the CSGs

This network of Clinical Studies Groups has been established to facilitate the best collaborative clinical research in diabetes.

The aims of the groups are to generate a portfolio of clinical studies where more evidence is clearly needed, and identify the studies that can, and should, be undertaken. The groups will bring together researchers, healthcare professionals, people living with diabetes to identify research gaps and priorities in each speciality CSG area. They will set out a road-map for diabetes research, detailing the short and long term goals for each clinical research area. The narratives below are broad remits for each CSG, intended as guidance for the Chair and members of that CSG.

It is expected that the Chair and members will give consideration to the remit once the group has been formed and identify, in collaboration with the Management Committee, where sub-groups may be required. It is expected that the CSGs may evolve over time to reflect the changing face of diabetes research.

Cross-cutting themes

Each CSG should consider themes detailed below when setting out the road-map and priority areas.

  • Children & young adults
  • Older people
  • Pregnancy
  • Black, Asian and minority groups
  • Children and adults with learning disabilities
  • Technology
  • Health systems service delivery
  • Transitional care
  • Psychological well-being

You can read more about the work each of the CSGs do by following the links below.

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