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Gender pay gap

Our gender pay gap information for 2017

Our gender pay gap is based on a snapshot of the pay for all our relevant employees on 31 March 2017, as well as bonuses that were paid between 1 April 2016 and 31 March 2017.

Women’s hourly rate is

11.45%    8.75%
lower        lower
(mean)     (median)

Women’s bonus pay is

-2.4%    33.3%
lower     lower
(mean)  (median)

Who received bonus pay

22.86%    23.9%
Men         Women


Pay quartiles

How many men and women are in each quarter of the employee’s payroll.

Upper quartile

38.46%    61.54%
Men         Women

Upper middle quartile

32.22%    67.78%
Men         Women

Lower middle quartile

27.78%    72.22%
Men         Women

Lower quartile

17.78%    82.22%
Men         Women


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