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Council of People Living with Diabetes

Made up of 30 volunteers who have experience of living with diabetes or caring for someone with the condition, the Council of People Living with Diabetes (CPD) acts as a sounding board for Diabetes UK’s Trustees and senior staff.

The Council meets four times a year - and is Diabetes UK's sounding board for new ideas and services for people living with diabetes



The people that sit on the Council come from all walks of life and include representatives from across the UK with a wide range of experience of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. We aim to ensure that the membership covers the broad spectrum of people living with diabetes, including young people and those from Black and Minority Ethnic communities.


The Council plays a vital role in ensuring the charity has insight and guidance from people directly affected by diabetes when planning and developing services. For example, the CPD provided valuable feedback during the process to develop the Diabetes UK Strategy (2015–19). We look forward to working with the CPD going forward, as we now put that strategy into action.

The Council usually meets four times a year on a Saturday in London, and travel expenses are reimbursed.

By sharing your views, you help shape Diabetes UK's campaigns, says Andy

Meet one of our members

Andy Broomhead joined the CPD in May 2015.

Andy says: "Being part of CPD has been a hugely positive experience. I’ve had the opportunity to meet other people with diabetes from all parts of the UK as well as having had the chance to feed in my views on a number of different campaigns and pieces of work that Diabetes UK is doing.

"To see how feedback that CPD has given then materialise into actual campaign messages is hugely rewarding. And it’s very rewarding to be able to work with such a dedicated group of people."

Andy heard about the volunteering role on the Council from the volunteering team in his region. "I’d been blogging for Diabetes UK for more than three years and chaired my local group in Sheffield for two years. I felt like being involved in CPD would be a great chance to understand more about what Diabetes UK gets involved in, and how I can make a difference."  

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