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Advice for people with diabetes and their families

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Having diabetes can affect daily life in a huge number of different ways.

We understand the obstacles diabetes can bring and we're working to reduce them. We won’t stop campaigning until we get the results people with diabetes need.

Campaigning for people with diabetes in numbers

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The number of people losing their licence because of severe hypos was significantly reduced in 2018

New laws we campaigned for no longer count hypos when people are sleeping, and anyone who does lose their licence can reapply for it sooner.

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Every one of the 1,400 children with Type 1 diabetes in Wales will benefit from better support in schools

We’re now working with the Welsh government to make sure that when the new rules are rolled out in 2020, schools have the right guidance.



"Every child in Wales deserves the safe, supported and inclusive school environment experienced by Oli, with the same access to opportunities as every one of their peers.”

Read Nicky and Oli's story

Some of our achievements

  • After a decade of campaigning, new driving rules were introduced in the UK in January. The old rules meant that anyone who had two severe episodes of low blood sugar – known as hypos – in a year lost their licence. This even included when people were asleep, and meant hundreds of people a year lost their licence unfairly. The new rules no longer count hypos when people are sleeping, and anyone who does lose their licence can reapply for it sooner.
  • Our lobbying also resulted in an amendment to a new law in Wales which will mean better support for children with diabetes in schools. Too often children with diabetes are excluded from different parts of school life. We want each child to get an individual plan that outlines the support they need and makes clear how the school will provide it. 
  • We are aiming to make a similar impact with our Food Upfront campaign. People with diabetes need to know what’s in their food – it’s a part of managing their diabetes. But every day people are left to guess what they’re eating because of a lack of labelling. That’s why thousands of people signed our petition and contacted their MP, calling on the government and companies to make food labelling clear, consistent and compulsory

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Our work is never done. We will always be fighting to make life easier for people with diabetes. Like Emma, who thinks that labelling should be clearer on every packet. 



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We're still campaigning for stronger nutritional labelling. We need your help.

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Emotional and mental health support is too often missing from diabetes care.

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