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Making it happen - Partnerships

Diabetes is a health crisis that’s far too big for us to tackle alone.

By collaborating with the public and private sectors and with other charities we increase our reach and influence, and raise vital funds to support our work. Together with our partners we help more people living with and at risk of diabetes, impacting lives and achieving national change.

Partnerships in numbers 

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Our partnership with Tesco has already raised £2 million for our work

Along with Cancer Research and British Heart Foundation, our charitable partnership with Tesco has helped to fund our important work. 

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We made more than £230,000 as a partner for the 2018 BMW PGA Championship

With thanks to the Rutherford family, we raised funds through programme sales, sideshow golf contests and the European Tour’s first ever gala dinner. 

"The partnership brings together the skills and expertise of Diabetes UK and Tesco to help develop a leading workplace health programme for Tesco, align communication campaigns and raise vital funds for Diabetes UK.”  

- Alec Brown, Head of Community and Local Communications, Tesco

Some of our partnership achievements in 2018

  • We are working with Merck on a prevention project called Awareness to Action. The project will be crucial in helping the South Asian community aged 25 -39 find out and reduce their risk of Type 2 diabetes. And thanks to their support, this project will be used to create a framework to deliver similar projects for other at-risk communities in the future.
  • Support from Sanofi enabled us to carry out an investigation into hospital care for people with diabetes. We don't want anyone to feel unsafe, experience unnecessary harm and poorer health outcomes.  The Improving Inpatient Care programme and the Making hospitals safe for people with diabetes report is supported by a grant from Sanofi (The Programme and Report operate independently, and Sanofi has no control over their contents)
  • We are proud to take a leading role in the Richmond Group of Charities – chaired by our Chief Executive Chris Askew. The collaboration of 14 leading health and social care charities uses its collective voice as a powerful influence on policymaking. 

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Partnership stories

Our partnership with Tesco's has been a massive success. Watch the video below to see some of the activities we've got up to as part of the partnership.



More information on our partnerships

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“It is wonderful to be working with Diabetes UK on this ambitious initiative aimed at empowering a growing network of Clinical Champions."

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You can be part of our story, like many other Trusts and Foundations who have helped us fund research and supported millions of people with diabetes.

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