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How we spend your money

Thanks to our generous supporters and partners.

We’ve had another successful year of income generation, and maintained our wide range of services.

Below, you can see an overview of where our income came from and how we spent your money. 

Where our money came from in 2018


Our money came in through the following:

  • £27.8m from donations and legacies
  • £4.5m from other trading activities
  • £2.2m from charitable activities 
  • £0.3m from investments

How we spent your money in 2018

As part of our strategy to address the continued health crisis in diabetes we planned to have a deficit in 2018, utilising funds raised in previous years. This deficit totals £3.5m and is made up of £2.8m of restricted funds, and a further £0.7m from our unrestricted reserves.


We spent £9.6m on raising funds last year. 

We spent the following on charitable activities: 

  • £8m was spent on transforming care
  • £7.7m was spent on research 
  • £6.4m was spent on managing diabetes
  • £4.6m was spent on understanding and support
  • £2m was spent on prevention 

You can find out more about how we spend your money on our impact pages.


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