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Advice for people with diabetes and their families

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Knowledge and understanding

When you have diabetes, knowledge gives you the power to live well with your condition.

We’re on a mission to provide world-leading health information in ways that suit everyone. And this year we reached more people than ever before. 

Understanding and support in numbers

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In 2018 we had a 11.4 million visits to the website

That is a record number of visits for our website in a single year. We're hoping to do even better in 2019. 

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Our helpline offered support to 15,727 people in the last year

Our amazing helpline team answered a huge number of enquiries on the phone, over web chat and through emails.


"You can’t have access to medical professionals all the time but with Learning Zone there’s no reason why you can’t answer that burning question at 3AM.”

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Some of our successes in knowledge and understanding in 2018

  • Our Be in the Know campaign resulted in over one million visits to our campaign webpages. Of the people with Type 2 diabetes that saw our campaign, 62% now consider diabetes to be a serious life-long condition which can have significant impact. That’s a rise of 19%.
  • We continued to develop our online Learning Zone, to offer unique access to everything you need to know to live well with diabetes. It provides personalised content, and features the experiences of people living with diabetes. With more than 20,000 registrations in 2018, we've helped thousands of people understand their diabetes better.
  • Our person-centred approach also guided a revamp of our membership scheme. Now subscribers receive tailored diabetes information and updates, based on their health and interests. 
  • Through our unique website feature Diabetes & Me, people can save pages and we can suggest relevant, personalised content. People come back time and again, and spend longer on our site
  • Our online forum was visited more than 540,000 times

We can only do this brilliant work with your support

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How we've helped

Our Be in the Know campaign reached thousands of people. Jaswinder has partial site loss. She wanted to make sure that everyone else was in the know about complications. She shared her story with us in the hope that she could stop it happening to more people when sight loss is often preventable. 



Jaswinder wasn't alone. Lots of you shared your stories for the Be in the Know campaign. You also told us how else we have helped expand your understanding of diabetes. 

More on knowledge and understanding

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Get help managing your diabetes with our learning platform.

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“If you have anything going on with your feet, get medical advice.”

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