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Advice for people with diabetes and their families

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Preventing Type 2 diabetes

The number of people with Type 2 diabetes is rising fast.

But more than half of all cases could be prevented. In 2018 we helped thousands of people to reduce their risk of Type 2 diabetes. And we pressed governments to do more to tackle the rise in obesity and Type 2.

Prevention in numbers 


Nearly 200,000 people found out their risk of Type 2 in 2018

Our online Know Your Risk tool saw a lot of activity, and hundreds more people came to risk events. 

Nearly 7,000 people signed our Food Upfront petition

Our wonderful supporters were demanding clear and consistent food labelling when you eat out.  


“If it wasn’t for my mum, I would have Type 2 diabetes by now. I couldn’t save her, but I can save myself and save other people.”

Read Phylex's story

Some of our achievements in prevention

  • We delivered our Food Upfront petition to the Prime Minister in May, leading to several welcome pledges included in the government childhood obesity plan.
  • In Wales, the Welsh assembly committed to a national strategy with targets to tackle obesity. While in Scotland we joined with others to develop a national policy for Type 2 and secured a commitment of £42 million for prevention
  • Special events were held for people of minority ethnic background, who statistically have a higher risk of Type 2 diabetes. And in Belfast, 40 volunteers from seven ethnic groups joined us to take Know Your Risk into their communities. 

We can only do this brilliant work with your support

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How we've helped

With the help of some brilliant volunteers we've raised awareness of Type 2 diabetes, especially in communities who are at higher risk. Watch Phylex's inspiring story below. 



Phylex isn't alone. The number of people with diabetes goes up every year. We want to put a stop to it. 

More on prevention

Missing media.

Knowing your risk of Type 2 diabetes is really important. Find out whether you need to take action with our online tool. 

Know your risk

Missing media.

"I do a lot of work with Diabetes UK Cymru by being a media spokesperson and writing to members of the Welsh Assembly."

Read Rob's story

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